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With the rapidly changing needs and preferences of web surfers, every website has to continuously innovate in order to remain ahead. We, at Crystal Website Hosting, stay abreast of the dynamic market scenario and have a complete understanding (blanket statement) of your client’s web user behavior. Internet users have become increasingly impatient and heavily penalize websites that do not meet their expectations and immediately require exceptional performance from the sites they visit and essentially look for sites which are built and maintained to deliver a great user experience. Our team of experts works very closely with you to update the look and functionalities of your website in alignment with the changing market trends, changing user/client preferences and ever-evolving technology. We understand this well and when we work with you, that same understanding is translated into work so that your users experience and expectations are surpassed.

We believe that your website represents your commitment to your clients

Our professional website maintenance and support services when you engage our team for ongoing support to your web applications, we ensure work towards your goal and that your website gains the trust of your clients and makes your involvement interesting and changing preferences more palpable, delighting your visitors.

Website Maintenance and Support from Crystal Website hosting

⇒ Page load speed – a very important factor.
⇒ Code vulnerability analysis.
⇒ Our team adds new functionalities to your website as part of the maintenance and support process.
⇒ We can update, revise and change your existing website design to completely revamp its look or make some specific changes to its appearance – look at our website redesign services.
⇒ Popular search engines often change or update the rules for ranking a website. We maintain and update your website in compliance with these rules, so that you may rank high in the search lists.

Working With Crystal Website Hosting

Our primary focus is always on our clients. We believe in building strong bonds and lasting relationships. When we take up a project, our job does not simply end at the delivery of the final product but it goes on to maintenance and support of the project. Our project managers stay in constant touch with you to keep you updated on the status of your project as well as to find out if you are satisfied with the website and its functionality.

Regular maintenance and support of your website, including

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Fixing any security or functionality holes.
  • Updating links and checking for broken links.
  • Sentence correction.
  • Updating content.
  • Maintaining visitor statistic reports.
  • Analyzing log files.
  • Modification of content.
  • Product updates.
  • News, announcements, offers.
  • Articles updates.
  • PDF and JPEG file creation and uploading.
  • Managing pages.
  • Modification of skins.

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