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Crystal Website Hosting innovation unit, operating under the direction of our Software Directorate, is committed to the development of innovative and effective business solutions that provide return on investment (ROI).

Our solutions reflect a desire to empower and enable customers, by providing them with competitive advantage through the enlightened application of appropriate technologies.  It is this ability to build innovative and cost-effective solutions by seamlessly integrating proven best-of-breed products from leading vendors, which distinguishes Crystal Website Hosting from its competitors.

Our solutions are backed and driven by our:

⇒ Customer Focus
⇒ Commitment to Industry Standards
⇒ Proactive Research and Development
⇒ Team of Innovative IT Professionals
⇒ Vendor Independence

Please get to us to discuss the most appropriate solution for your organization.

Site Solutions

Crystal Website Hosting maintains a pragmatic, systematic, and holistic approach to the identification and resolution of customer site requirements.

As an IT services and solutions provider, infrastructure management and support remains the core competence of Crystal Website Hosting

Crystal Website Hosting site solutions include:

⇒ Asset Management (Acquisition, Auditing, Cascading, Disposal)
⇒ Change Management
⇒ Disaster Recovery Planning
⇒ Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
⇒ Operations Management
⇒ Project Management
⇒ Security Audits (including physical audits of computer room facilities)
⇒ Server Room and Environmental Monitoring (Specification, Design and Management)
⇒ Site Audits
⇒ Site Relocation
⇒ Strategic Planning

Please reach us to discuss the most appropriate site solution(s) for your organization

Internet Solutions
Crystal Website Hosting association with the Internet precedes the advent of media hype and sensationalism.  Our innovative Internet solutions employ only proven technologies with a demonstrated capacity to deliver business-based value.

Crystal Website Hosting Internet solutions include:

⇒ Access Management
⇒ Bandwidth Management
⇒ Capacity Planning
⇒ Change Management
⇒ Electronic Commerce
⇒ Firewalls (Multi-vendor, Multi-platform)
⇒ Internet Connectivity
⇒ Intrusion Detection
⇒ ISP (Internet Service Provider) Migration
⇒ Messaging/Collaboration
⇒ Policy Development and Review
⇒ Proactive Monitoring and Network Management
⇒ Proxying/Caching
⇒ Security Audits
⇒ Traffic Analysis and Capacity Planning
⇒ Virus Protection
⇒ VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
⇒ Web Site Development
⇒ Web Site Hosting
Please reach us to discuss the most appropriate Internet solution(s) for your organization.

Storage Solutions
Crystal Website Hosting product knowledge, industry experience, and skilled IT professionals ensure that enterprises are well-positioned to enjoy benefits from the implementation and management of appropriate storage solutions:

Crystal Website Hosting storage solutions include:

⇒ Access Management
⇒ Asset Management (Acquisition, Auditing, Cascading, Disposal)
⇒ Capacity Planning
⇒ Change Management
⇒ Data Backup, Recovery and Archival
⇒ Data Compression
⇒ Data Migration, Manipulation and Translation
⇒ High Availability
⇒ HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management)
⇒ Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
⇒ NAS (Network-Attached Storage)
⇒ Media Management
⇒ Near-Line Storage
⇒ SAN (Storage Area Network)
⇒ Storage Consolidation
⇒ Storage Management
Please reach us to discuss the most appropriate storage solution(s) for your organization.

Network Solutions
Crystal Website Hosting network specialists have industry accreditations, in addition to extensive practical experience in the professional delivery of effective network solutions. 

Crystal Website Hosting network solutions include:

⇒ Access Management
⇒ Bandwidth Management
⇒ Capacity Planning
⇒ Change Management
⇒ High Availability
⇒ Internet, Intranet, and Extranet
⇒ Network Access and Authentication
⇒ Network Integration/Interconnectivity (Heterogenous Networks)
⇒ Network Design, Configuration, Management, Monitoring, and Support
⇒ Network Security (including Firewall Configuration and Management)
⇒ Office Connectivity/Interconnectivity (LAN/VLAN,WAN, VPN)
⇒ Single Sign-On/Password Synchronisation
⇒ Traffic Analysis and Capacity Planning
⇒ Video Conferencing
⇒ Voice Integration
⇒ Wireless Networking
Please reach us to discuss the most appropriate network solution(s) for your organization.

Server Solutions
Our server solutions incorporate proactive, predictive and preventative roles to minimize or avoid the business impact of IT-related problems.

Crystal Website Hosting server solutions include:

⇒ Applications Servers
⇒ Asset Management (Acquisition, Auditing, Cascading, Disposal)
⇒ Backup and Recovery
⇒ Capacity Planning
⇒ Change Management
⇒ Clustering
⇒ Database Servers
⇒ File and Print Servers
⇒ High Availability
⇒ Messaging/Collaboration
⇒ Monitoring and Management
⇒ Performance Tuning
⇒ Risk Management
⇒ Security Audits
⇒ Systems Integration
⇒ Virus Protection
⇒ Web Servers
Please reach us to discuss the most appropriate server solution(s) for your organization.

Desktop Solutions
Our desktop solutions are based on experience, expertise, and knowledge, coupled with insight gained in effective open partnering and product research. 

Crystal Website Hosting desktop solutions include:

⇒ Applications Support
⇒ Asset Management (Acquisition, Auditing, Cascading, Disposal)
⇒ Capacity Planning
⇒ Change Management
⇒ Desktop Security Policies
⇒ Messaging/Collaboration
⇒ Peripheral Device Support
⇒ Personal Firewalls
⇒ Roaming Profiles
⇒ SOE/COE Design and Deployment (Standard/Common Operating Environments)
⇒ Software Distribution
⇒ Thin Client
⇒ Training
⇒ Virus Protection
Please reach us to discuss the most appropriate desktop solution(s) for your organization.

Help Desk Solutions
Our help desk solutions treat technology as a business tool, focusing rather on the requirements of callers to determine the impact on their ability to perform their business functions. 

Crystal Website Hosting help desk solutions include:

⇒ Asset Management (Acquisition, Auditing, Cascading, Disposal)
⇒ Call Centre Management
⇒ Change Management
⇒ Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
⇒ Customer Relationship Management
⇒ Customer Satisfaction Surveys
⇒ Help Desk Software
⇒ Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
⇒ Knowledge Management
⇒ Management Reporting
⇒ Multi-Channel Customer Interaction
⇒ Root Cause Analysis
⇒ Training
⇒ Web-Based Self Service

Please reach us to discuss the most appropriate help desk solution(s) for your organization.

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